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Choc-Chip and Marshmallow Cookies

I think I’ve made cookies every weekend for the past month and I have a number of excuses lined up but the truth is, I’ve been constantly craving a good cookie. Is it just me, or is it incredibly tough to find a delicious choc-chip cookie in Cape Town?!

If you think so too, I may soon be answering your prayers as I’m planning to start selling some of my baked goods, which includes cookies (the most delicious recipes I’ve conjured).

For now, here is the recipe for the choc chip and marshmallow cookie I whipped up today. This is the sort of cookie recipe you could throw anything into really, I just happened to have some marshmallows in the cupboard, staring at me… ūüôā

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Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie

One of my many¬†baking missions is to find the perfect choc¬†chip cookie recipe. There are countless methods and takes on this “classic biscuit” leaving you with endless options, depending on your preference. They¬†vary from¬†crunchy to¬†chewy and from sweet to salty. For me personally, as long as the choc¬†chips are delicious and not “baking chocolate” I am satisfied ūüôā For this reason I always use chopped up¬†Cadbury¬†dairy milk¬†when a recipe calls for some¬†choc chips as it tastes divine and¬†you’re able to decide their size. Continue reading

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