Meet Sadie

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu (May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you)

I’m Saadiyah Hendricks, a Muslim wife and working mom of two little girls, living in the oh-so-beautiful Cape Town – Welcome to my bubble of yum! 

Cooking but more so baking, has been a passion of mine which brewed from a young age. Every culinary skill I’ve obtained through the years, I have to attribute to my dear mother. I am biased, but I have to say my mother is the best cook in the world! She taught me to explore the world of cooking and baking when I was 10 years old, equipping me with invaluable skills which have brought years of bliss and many-a-times sanity 🙂

The kitchen has become my haven, baking being my form of escapism when I feel like unwinding, venting, being creative or simply indulging my sweet tooth…in my case it’s probably teeth 🙂

I’m lucky enough to have married the man of my dreams….Abdul-Raaziq who has the “healthiest” appetite of anyone I’ve ever met (ok I’m exaggerating, my father and brothers could give him a run for his money) but the best part is that he’s also the least fussy. Always complimenting my “creations” and reaffirming it with another helping – encouragement is key for any budding baker!

There are so many reasons why I decided to create Sadie’s Bubble of Yum, here are a few:

  • It is a nightmare to find delicious Halaal recipes. There are so many times where I’ve stumbled upon a recipe, but can’t create it because half the ingredients are non-halaal – so frustrating!
  • If you, like me, are very conscious of the restaurants and places I frequent, I always try and ensure it’s strictly Halaal. Living in Cape Town can make eating out quite a daunting task as we have limited halaal eateries. I’m hoping to discover and share some of the cities gems.
  • A platform to document my kitchen escapades, trying new recipes and perfecting them through trial, error and conversation with the readers. In this way it’ll also motivate me to step outside my comfort zone – instead of sticking to the same recipes,  rather reconnoitre the countless dishes and treats out there.

In essence, this blog will make the world I escape to when I’m in the kitchen tangible. With that said, I’d like to invite you to join me anytime in this bubble where we are able to live on cake, chocolate and all things utterly divine without the flinching thought “oh no! This is going straight to my hips!!!”

Shukran and thank you for dropping by, you are welcome anytime 🙂

Saadiyah “Sadie” Hendricks


  1. Zainab says:

    I really like your blog – simple but good quality recipes, the frosting recipes are definitely a winner.

    Continue sharing 🙂


    • Sadie says:

      Thank you Zainab! 🙂 will definitely be posting some more recipes soon, just need to find the time 🙂 will also post some more frosting recipes, if you’d like?

      • Zainab says:

        That would be awesome, like you I work in a very busy environment and I am always rushing, so the quick time saver recipes are great.

        When I get unexpected visitors or feel for something sweet, I usualy whip up this 7 minute chocolate cake in the microwave.

        Not sure if you’ve tried it before but herewith is the recipe.

        1 cup cake flour
        1 cup sugar (normal)
        3tsp baking powder
        3tbsp cocoa
        Pinch salt
        2 eggs (beaten)
        1/4 cup oil (quarter cup)
        1 cup boiling water

        Mix all dry ingredients, add eggs, oil and water.

        Pour into greased microwave dish and bake in microwave for 7-10 mins.

        Look forward to more recipes 🙂

      • Sadie says:

        Wow that’s amazing! A 7 minute cake! Now that’s impressive, will definitely try it out. I’ve got a few yummy desserts in mind for Iftar this weekend, will definitely post them early next week. When you try out the recipes, please send pics! 🙂

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