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Quick & Easy Pavlova

Happy Moanday (that’s not a typo) all! ūüôā It’s my last Monday part of team marcusbrewster…bittersweet to say the least. Thought I’d kick off this emotional-rollercoaster of a¬†week with a yummy post…sharing my recently discovered, super-easy recipe for¬†the traditional¬†summer-hit dessert…Pavlova. Continue reading

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie

One of my many¬†baking missions is to find the perfect choc¬†chip cookie recipe. There are countless methods and takes on this “classic biscuit” leaving you with endless options, depending on your preference. They¬†vary from¬†crunchy to¬†chewy and from sweet to salty. For me personally, as long as the choc¬†chips are delicious and not “baking chocolate” I am satisfied ūüôā For this reason I always use chopped up¬†Cadbury¬†dairy milk¬†when a recipe calls for some¬†choc chips as it tastes divine and¬†you’re able to decide their size. Continue reading

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