Welcome to Sadie’s Bubble of Yum….

Chocolate cake of how I love you

Today signifies the beginning of what I hope will be a fruitful and enriching journey of sharing recipes, experiences and laughter. I’m excited to dig into my first recipe sharing post of the delectable Creamy Oreo Pie and to hear your thoughts!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has encouraged me to give this adventure a go, I would never have delved into this without your support and motivation. With their encouragement they’ve also volunteered to be the “tasters” lol Good luck to them! Just kidding 😉 My mother has indicated that I need to give her a crash-course in “locating and reading blogs” Should be quite easy…

Saadiyah: Mummy meet Google…the end 🙂

Mummy: Wait, now how do I find Google….

Ok maybe not that easy…

To all my muslim readers, I wish you all the best with Ramadaan inshallah and hope that I can assist you with some ideas for iftaar and Eid.

Happy reading all 🙂


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