Basic Fridge Cheesecake

I’ve always said my blog would just be to document my kitchen “escapades” and that I wouldn’t pressure myself if I didn’t have time to post anything, but I feel so guilty…it feels like forever since my last post. I’d just like to thank everyone who has been encouraging/sweetly nagging me to post more recipes, it helps me slip out of my land of procrastination and laziness 🙂

It’s almost a week since Eid, so to all my muslim readers, I wish you a belated Eid Mubarak – I hope you all had a great day nonetheless 🙂

Usually Friday-Eid’s are crazy busy because of Jumuah, but this time around it seemed quite chilled (which I love!), almost everyone I spoke to said they managed to take a nap on the day – lucky!

Eid preparations which involve slaving away in the kitchen till the wee hours of the morning was exhausting but fun this year because I spent the day with my mother, literally running all over Cape Town getting together the last-minute items. This year, kicked it “old-school” and baked two batches of biscuits [It’s easily been over five years ago since I last baked biscuits – choc cookies don’t count 🙂 ] they were custard biscuits and a basic eat-some-more biscuit topped with milky bar and coconut.

On the dessert front I decided to make a basic fridge cheesecake, but instead of making a large one I thought it would be easier to serve and more visually attractive if I made individuals. My mother also requested that I make trifle – again I opted to make individual trifles (large trifles start looking disturblingly scary after a few bowls have been dished)

After all that rambling, here’s the recipe for the basic fridge cheesecake which could be used to make a single cheesecake in a springform pan or pyrex dish. Enjoy!

PS: Fatima this is for you 🙂



1 packet tennis biscuits/choc coated digested biscuits (depending on your preference)

150g butter/margerine


1 tub cottage cheese (smooth, plain)

1 tin condense milk

1 tblsp lemon juice

250g fresh cream

3 tsp gelatine

50ml boiling water


Crush biscuits, melt butter and add to biscuits. Line dish/pan with crumb mixture and leave in fridge to set.

Beat cream till stiff.

In a separate bowl mix cottage cheese and condense milk thoroughly. Add lemon juice.

Dissolve gelatine in water. Allow to cool slightly and mix in cheese mixture.

Fold cream into mixture and pour over biscuit base and allow to set for at least two hours.

Topping: Your choice of fresh fruit, jelly or chocolate


  1. Gaye Mathews says:

    Hi Sadie

    I was wondering what had happened to you but gathered you were probably busy with Eid etc. Must say it’s a great idea to make individual cheese cake and trifle for dessert but where did you get the little cheese cake holders and what did you use for the mini trifles?


    • Sadie says:

      So good to hear from Aunty Gaye 🙂 It definitely was Eid but also work and everything else that’s been keeping me busy. I got the cheesecake holders at Baking Tin in Ottery, they have everything – the holders, cardboard bases, etc. For the mini trifles I places them in little plastic containers that I also bought at Baking Tin. Pics of the trifles are in the next post which I just uploaded 🙂

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